Finding A New Career at 30


When I was at school I had always assumed that at the age of 18 (if not before) I would know exactly what I wanted to do and that I would do said profession until I was 60 when I would retire.

Skip forward 12 years and yeah..

I graduated from university with a 2:2 in Psychology, which is about as useful as a chocolate teacup in the world of psychology. Even now, since going on to complete two further masters, I still can’t pursue a career in psychology. Sucks eh?!

As it was a complete write off, I chose to go down a different ‘health’ avenue and became a therapist and if I’m honest, it’s been a battle ever since I’ve started training. At the moment, in order to remain in my chosen field and pay the bills, I’m finding that the only job I can get without moving house is to commute to Leicestershire and back every week (which in case you are wondering, is 640 miles A WEEK from Scotland). It’s very kind of my employer to create the arrangement that she has, but I’m 3 weeks in and I’m already crumbling.

I’ve made the executive decision to work towards changing careers. I’m a huge believer that life is too short to be unhappy and that I’ve spent the past 6 years fighting unnecessary battles (and it’s bloody expensive being a registered therapist). The only problem is I have no idea what I want to do. The only thing I know is that I’m really enjoying working on these blogs/vlogs and I like the concept of being self-employed. That is about as far as I’ve got in my new voyage of self-discovery. If you’ve got any suggestions for me, please do let me know!

Yes I am crying MANY tears. Yes I’m suffering from anxiety. No I can’t sleep. My brain feels FRIED. I’m supposed to be at a wedding right now and I’ve chosen not to go because I can’t face the ‘how’s the new job?’. I even curled my hair for tonight.

But I am holding on to the fact that this is just temporary. Nothing stays the same, and what’s for you won’t go by you. Something will change soon right?

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