My Life Plan Continues to Evolve



_20180407_093923About 5 weeks ago I blogged about how I was going to pursue some form of career with nutrition and am well into studying my Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management.

Well this ‘thing’ has continued to evolve and I think I’ve found the that describes me best.

Now I will be the first to admit that when I heard the term ‘life coach’, I would think “WTF” and follow with an eye roll. But when I googled ‘what can I do with an Occupational Therapy degree?’ and life coaching popped up, I decided to explore further and it is literally me.


It just makes so much sense and is so inspiring. I got sucked into YouTube earlier on today and within 30 minutes I had learned 3 things.

  1. Money – if what you’re doing isn’t making you financially happy, then you’re doing the wrong thing.
  2. My money hacks skills are actually a thing… I just thought I’d made it up.
  3. Social Skills – you are not responsible for how a conversation pans out.

I appreciate all rather abstract but I was watching like 5 videos at once.

It means I can incorporate all my knowledge from my various degrees; I can implement my nutrition course and I truly think I *may* have found my calling.

I’ll keep you guys updated!

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