Reaching My Goal Weight

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I really do wish this was a post stating that my reached my goal weight and here’s how but alas…

I’m very much someone who needs something to work towards – career, love life, personal life, health and wellbeing, financial. Just something.

The thing with setting goals is that it’s useful to set a time frame on it – it gives us something to work towards. As much as Telle’s Nutritional Lifestyle being successful would be a dream goal, I really can’t put a time frame on that so in the mean time, I’m going to work towards another one of my goals.

As I’ve discussed before, I have lost a significant amount of weight in the past, and I’ve put about 14lbs of that back on (a nice combination of complacency and stress). I would really like to intervene before the remaining 18lbs returns and I’m back to square one.

I was going through Tim’s phone last night and found a photo of myself pre-14lb weight gain and jeeze you can tell the difference. WHY did I not appreciate my former skinny self?? We never do, do we?

For those that read my posts, you will have noticed that I signed up to do a nutrition and weight management course. I have now completed the first module and I’m about to undertake my case study which my darling mother has volunteered to complete.


Now the main reason for completing the course was learning how to eat properly, and I have definitely done that. I was fed up of being told to eat low fat, high protein, high fat, low carb, starve, eat everything ARGH. Too much. What we do know is there is no one way to lose weight and what works for you won’t work for another. But it’s nice to know about macro and micro nutrients and all that jazz.

So for when I do reach my goal weight I will be able to nourish myself properly and hopefully others. For example, my mum has been waiting for a knee replacement for the past 13 months and has only recently had it. As she was totally immobile her food intake has become a right mess, with her and my step-dad living mostly off McDonalds by the sounds of it. Completely understandable and no judgement here. But now we need to educate her on how to eat properly because it’s not just about the carbs, proteins and fats… more importantly it’s about the vitamins and minerals which are so easily forgotten and so very much necessary, especially for the ageing population (no offence Mum).

If you’ve been following my Instagram you will see that my meals are pretty decent. But a few naughty treats do sneak in along the way (I had the Halo Icecream and a Mississipi Mud Pie over the weekend!) and this does impact significantly on my weight loss.

I have completed the calculations on myself and in order to maintain (incorporating my low level of exercise normally), I need 1600 calories which is about right. In order to lose approximately 1lb a week I need to create a 500 calorie deficit per day which means I either eat 1100 calories per day or drop my calorie allowance to 1350 and increase my exercise to burn another 250 calories off.

Having studied my own weight management for the past (what feels like 300 years) 17 years, I would agree with the above so that bodes well

Now I’m off to see Mr JT (Justin Timberlake) on 7th July which I bought a ‘goal’ dress for… that’s like soon and the dress is NOWHERE NEAR close to doing up. BUT I am going to see how much I can shed in the next month and keep you guys updated here. Shall we say 7lbs?

Starting Weight – 158lb

Week 1 (5th June): 157lb

Week 2 (13th June):

Week 3 (20th June):

Week 4 (27th June):

Week 5 (4th July): SHOULD BE 151LB!!

AND I will be doing a before and after photo. Eek!

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