The Power of Closure

person wearing black jacket standing on green grass field near lake
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Today I got an unexpected surprise… closure.

It doesn’t always happen and sometimes we just have to move on. But I’ve been struggling.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the demise of myself and Tim (phew).

If you’ve been reading this blog since its launch, you may know that my last 2 jobs have been rocky and at the moment I am spending most of my time preparing to launch the business side of Telle’s Nutritional Life.

But something has been stopping me from jumping in feet first and promote that Telle’s Nutritional Life does exist. Confidence. It wasn’t there anymore.

No longer how much I tried to convince myself that I could do this, a little voice kept holding me back. “No one will be interested in reading that.” “No one wants to see you on YouTube”. “No one will want to know”.

I reached a block.

Earlier on this afternoon I attempted to vlog and ended up crying. Ironically, it was probably one of the best vlog’s I’ve done to date but I do like a train wreck so I’m undecided if it will see the light of day.

I cried because I was annoyed I was lacking confidence. I cried because I was allowing a couple of people’s negativity to affect my entire life.

3 hours later (and COMPLETELY unexpectedly) closure came knocking on my door. There on the news confirmed what I believed but realised I didn’t truly know. I’m not willing to disclose what, but the wave of closure that came across me was unreal.

Tomorrow will truly be the start of something new. I’m gonna get my s*** together and get things done.

Welcome to Telle’s Nutritional Life.

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