The Power of Positivity?

The Law of Attraction is something I knew roughly about but hadn’t really ever considered but I’m now wondering whether there’s something to it…

For the most part, since 2006 life has truly been a rollercoaster, especially since 2012. I had always just assumed that I had been walking into negative situations which had essentially given me a negative outlook on life (understandably, I’d say) and I didn’t want to be positive because I wouldn’t cope if something bad happened.

Two days ago it dawned on me that maybe I had misinterpreted the situation. Perhaps because I was in a negative mindset, I was attracting negative situations? I will happily admit that although I still strongly relate to the therapy I am trained in, the profession itself is not for me and every job I have had has been more stressful than it should have ever been.

Amidst my world of negativity, there was one day in April 2014 when I said to my flatmate, “I really need to commit to finding my future husband. He needs to be about 5ft 9-11, have good style, have a degree, be kind, preferably blue eyes”. I kid you not, the very next day Tim appeared in my ‘he liked your photo’ thing on POF. In addition to this, I was stalking Tim’s Twitter at the time (OBVS) and he had written two days before we first messaged “think I’m going to have a break from this dating malarkey”.


In addition to the above, I had never really understood the quote ‘surround yourself with positive people’ – positive people annoyed me. Get them as far as away as possible if you ask me.

Since May, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I now ONLY want to be surrounded by positive people. For the first time I am appreciating looking at life through a positive lens and that life is for living and we only get once chance to live this life. As cliché as it sounds, it’s so true.

What led me to write about this was a conversation I had with my Mum who said ‘I don’t believe this façade you’re putting on’. I suggested to her that perhaps I’m reacting differently because I’m no longer in a negative mindset.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have the days where I’m scared about our financial situation and have a little cry, but in terms of life, I am possibly the happiest I have ever been (except for my wedding day). 

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