The Healthy OT


New Year, New Me.

Nah, not really. New Year Same Me.

HOWEVER, I have decided to change the name of my blog from Telle’s Nutritional Life to The Healthy OT.

When I first set up the blog, I didn’t know whether I would continue as an Occupational Therapist – I continued to believe in everything the role was about, but I had been left battered by various job situations and wasn’t sure if I wanted to proceed with it.

In October, I started a new job as an OT and I adore it! I’m able to be the therapist I want to be and work with clients who continue to inspire me every single day (as cliche as that sounds). Despite the job being successful, I don’t want to say goodbye to everything I have invested into this blog, my YouTube channel (second video is up now – so committed!), and my Instagram.

I found that Telle’s Nutrition was limiting me to nutrition, and although I have now received my Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management, it is certainly not my specialism (to the extent OT is anyway).

I want to continue to encompass what OT is about, incorporate my knowledge and my passion and felt that ‘The Healthy OT’ achieves this. I want to continue to focus on healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and healthy habits.

My content won’t be changing (‘Booo’ I hear you cry) but I just wanted to let you know that this will be the final name change as I think I’ve finally found my groove.

Thank you so much for continuing to visit this site and read my posts and I look forward to boring you all in 2019. Jokes, I’m HIGHLY entertaining.

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