Weight Loss: January Review

I truly don’t understand how January is nearly over. It literally seems like 2 minutes ago since New Year, but yet so much has happened this month.

Anyway, I have decided to set up a blog series on my bid to hit my goal weight. Post Christmas, my weight reached a point of being as close to my goal weight as it was to my start weight and that in turn made me a little uneasy.

This month I’ve spent a lot of time trying to work out what works for me, and one thing I really learnt was that the idea of being restricted (in terms of what I can eat) sabotages me from the get go. Therefore after a lot of cancelling subscriptions and selling products that I clearly wasn’t going to use, I opted for calorie counting.

I set myself a 1200 calorie target (I’m 5ft 1 and my TDEE is 1700-1800 kcals per day) and have had significant success (that was until last night when we celebrated our first Burns Night in Scotland).

I’m currently 5.5lb down with 17lb to go to my initial target. I haven’t had such a loss for quite a long time so I’m really proud of this.

I won’t pretend I’ve been perfectly behaved, and perhaps if I had we could have been looking at an 8lb loss. But I’m in no way beating myself up about this, as long as I get back ‘on track’ (bloody hate that phrase) for the next meal or next day then all is good.

I’ll be posting progress photos next month (ARGH) but I would like to be another 5lb down by then 💪

Make sure you follow me over on Instagram at @thehealthyot to see what I’m eating. Photos are definitely a work in progress 😂

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