I’ve Signed Up To WW.UK And Here’s Why…

As you may well be aware, I completed a course in nutrition and weight management last year (which was accredited) and it helped me to learn about macro/micro nutrients and calories and all that jazz. And I won’t lie, it has completely changed how I look at food and I’m much more conscious of what I eat, when I need to eat it and what micronutrients are joining the party in my gut.

Since I completed the course, I have been going it alone but inspiration is running low without a support network.

WW.UK (previously Weightwatchers) decided to rebrand as a wellness company last year, and if I’m honest, it’s a similar model as to what I was hoping to achieve with The Healthy OT.

Now I maintain that I’m not a fan of using a points system, no matter which company suggests it. In the real world, you need to know about calories and I will always endeavour to calorie count over counting points. However, I like their encouragement of exercise, that you’re working forwards (roughly) 1200kcals and you’re striving for a healthier version of yourself. But most importantly, they offer what I could not achieve – a support network. I’m just not interesting enough 😂😭

I therefore have decided to join online. Their rates are as cheap as chips for all that you get and it allows me to access a community of thousands of people are have similar goals. I’m truly hoping that with the extra support and encouragement, that it will give me the kick up the arse I need.

I mean I’m writing this whilst I tuck into a box of Maltesers… but I’m having a little holiday and normality will resume on Tuesday 😂

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